Digitize your procurement and increase the food margin of your restaurant.

An all-in-one digital solution to order and pay your suppliers. Get a free USD wallet, send LPOs, earn cashback at every order and enjoy instant, affordable payments.

Ayanna has made life easier for +50 restaurants, from high-end to cloud kitchens

With Ayanna, it's never been easier to manage your suppliers, with more efficient operations and a better payment experience.

Digitize your procurement process

Generate and send LPOs to your existing suppliers in less than 30 seconds, by Whatsapp, Email or SMS.

Streamline your supplier payments

Save money and time by using your USD wallet and process your payments faster.

Earn cashback

Earn points for every payment you make and convert them into cash to increase your purchasing power.

Digitize your procurement process

Order online in less than a minute from any of your suppliers

No more late phone calls and endless messages to order from your existing suppliers. With Ayanna, generate LPOs for your suppliers in a minute and automate order dispatch to suppliers’ WhatsApp, E-mail or even SMS.

Streamline your supplier payments

A free USD wallet to protect your money and enjoy low-cost transaction fees.

Top up your Ayanna USD wallet and automate your payments. By using our bulk payment feature built on Stellar, save up to 60% of your time and benefit from low transaction costs.

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Earn cashback

Earn up to 0.5% cashback for every payment made

Using Ayanna is not only good for your business, it's also good for your wallet. Pay your suppliers using the app and earn cashback.

Create an account and improve your procurement experience

Let our team onboard you and start using Ayanna in less than 24h.

1) Fill company information and upload your legal documents

We need some legal information about your restaurant to open your Ayanna account (KRA PIN, certificate of incorporation, registration number).

2) Take pictures of your last suppliers invoices

Take pictures of your last 3 invoices per supplier and upload them to the app. We use IA to collect all the information needed to create your suppliers' catalogs.

3) Put money in your wallet and enjoy seamless payments

Top up your Ayanna wallet using your MPESA or your bank account. Once your account is credited, automate all your suppliers' payments.

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