of admin tasks saved per day


increase in revenues


no setup fees

Your wholesale business, digitized.


One place to manage all of your wholesale orders.

No more phone calls, Excel spreadsheets, and endless text messages to manage your B2B orders. Manage everything from one interface and increase your productivity.

Online catalog

Let your B2B customers order from you, online.

Build better relationships with your B2B customers. Generate personalized catalogs in a minute. Share the link with your B2B customers and let them order online from their laptop or mobile.

AI promotion & recommendation tools

Sell more and reduce waste.

With our AI promotion and recommendation tool, we give you actionable insights to upsell or promote items to your customers. They buy more, and you reduce waste.


Get access to financing and protect your cash flow.

You have a payment term with your customers? With Ayanna, we pay you the invoice amount in 24hours and take care of collecting payments after the due date.


Run your wholesale business from one platform.

Integrate your ERP and accounting systems with Ayanna in 3 minutes to save yourself hours of admin tasks, allowing you to focus on what matters for your business.

And much more

Order management

ERP integration

Multi users


AI tools


White label ordering app

Mobile and desktop

Data Compliant

Our customers talk about us

It's easy to grow with hotels and restaurants using ayanna, they onboard and I can see my revenues growing

Rose, owner

We use ayanna to manage our B2B customers, they buy online and we can say they buy items on it

Flavie, owner

Our pricing plans

With you, every step of the way.

ayanna. Bronze

Manage your catalog by easily updating
product and price

Create custom catalogs

Promotional tools

Accounting system integration

Customer support by Email

Ayanna weekly newsletter

ayanna. Silver

Everything in ayanna Bronze plus:

Invoice financing with a discount of 20% of the interest rates

AI promotions and recommendation tools

Access to new HORECA customers in the marketplace

Customers BRS and KYB

Monthly events with the ayanna community and partners

ayanna. Gold

Everything in ayanna Silver plus:

Customer support by Email or WhatsApp 7 days a week from 9am to 8am

Invoice financing with a discount of 40% of the interest rates

Offline training with your team

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